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Looking for a Wicca 101 class that is free and easy to follow along with that includes personal interaction with your instructor a flexible schedule and a detailed introduction to this curious religion? Oh and you want to study in privacy and online?

Great sales pitch huh?

Well the truth is great sales is really excellent customer service. Informing you about a product or service that could really benefit you, sometimes before you even know that you are looking for just that thing.

With the hundreds of Intro to Wicca websites available it was never our intention to become one of them, it was our intention to get our name out in the community and be an information resource opening the doors of our Teaching Coven to those who were actively looking, and not just the curious. However, we would not be a Teaching Tradition if we were not prepared to learn and grow ourselves, and while we still have a lot being added to the main body of our website. We have started receiving emails and questions, been asked for advised by new Wiccans as far away as New Zealand, that is on the other side of the globe from us!

Imagine our surprise and delight that we have been able to help so many others, but we also saw the need of those in the world community in addition to our local community and decided to offer an actual structured online learning environment. There is no catch and no gimmick, you can ask as many questions as you like, including support on Twitter and by E-Mail. We do ask that everyone actually sign up for the course by sending us an initial e-mail, and from that point forward complete each of the assignments and submit them by e-mail.

When you enroll you will receive back via email a page or so of Jargon or an explanation of terms that will be used in the course that you may not recognize, and after each subsequent assignment is completed, you may receive additional such documents.

We have set up several forms that you can fill out from the website to complete this part of the requirement. When the course is completed you will receive an e-mail from us documenting that it has been completed, with a certificate that can be printed out and kept as well as a document that can be edited and used as the base structure for your own Book of Shadows.

We use no printed or published resources, there will be suggested reading but no book purchase requirements. This course is intended to be digital and eco friendly, reducing waist materials, though maintaining the website does come at a cost to the Silver Moon Crow Coven, payment is not required for any of these functions, we are very happy to accept donations to reduce our cost of operating.

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Word to the Wise

Lesson One: History of Wicca

Lesson Two: Wicca vs. Satanism

Lesson Three: What is Wicca?

Lesson Four: Ethics in Wicca

Lesson Five: The Goddess

Lesson Six: The God

Lesson Seven: A Pantheon