Creation starts with an Image.

Visualization is the ability to form mental images using the inner senses, not only sight, but touch, taste, smell and hearing as well. Effective visualizations are bursting with detail and are all encompassing to the mind. The most accurate way to describe visualization is to compare it to a dream that was so vivid, you were unsure that it was “just” a dream at all. Visualizations are formed using imagination, intuition and experiences. This is when the time spent observing your surroundings and feeding your subconscious with textures, odors, tastes, sounds, light and shadows will come to fruition. The more time you spent (spend) with these activities, the easier visualization will come to you.

In magick, visualizations awaken the subconscious and provide a focus for the witch’s will and the power raised during ritual or spellworkings. Energy that is released without direction is ineffective at best, chaotic at worst. To use an analogy, imagine hammering a nail into a board. The most effective method is to focus your attention on the nail, this is the point at which your energy is directed. If you are watching the hammer or your hand, the source of the energy, you will most likely end up with a beaten up board and a protruding nail.

Causing change to take place by directing natural energy toward the fulfillment of our desires is the essence of magick. In order to use visualization in simple magick, begin a meditation session by grounding and centering. As you enter a meditative state, conjure the desired goal or scene in your mind. Spend time adding detail and focus your full attention on the image. Lend it your energy and see it begin to grow clearer, stronger, and more comprehensive. When your senses tingle with the knowledge that this scene can indeed be realized, gather that pulsating energy within you and your will and direct it toward the image to empower it to materialize in the future.

It is important to realize that our visualizations may not always materialize. It may be that they come to pass in a different manner than envisioned, but in a way that is more positive for all concerned. Perhaps what we thought we wanted, wasn’t really it at all or was out of harmony with ourselves and the world around us. It could be that more work toward your goal on the physical plane is required. Money will not grow on trees, no matter how hard we visualize. It may also be just a matter of time, magick isn’t instantaneous and time is a constraint recognized only by us. Should you choose to use visualization for magick at this stage please bear in mind the cyclical nature of all energy. Whatever you send or release, you will receive and it will always a better experience to receive positive energy.

Visualization can also be used to strengthen your bond to nature and to the Lady and Lord. Humankind seems to need to give shape and form to Divinity and natural energies, perhaps it helps us to understand them better and feel closer to them. Portraits of these energies reflect the cultures and individuals they were created by, the attributes that they possess and the domains they govern. Through myth and legend, these energies have developed personalities and familial relationships that have made them more conceivable to humans. It may be the devas who reside in plants and trees, mischievous faeries, or a particular facet of the Goddess and God (as maiden, hunter, mother, father, sage, wise woman) that arouses your interest. You may wish to commune with an ancient aspect of Divinity, such as Athena, Cerridwen, or Kuan Yin. If you choose to focus on a established ancient deity, do some research into their myths, attributes, areas of influence, and legends before you begin your session.

If you would like to use visualization in this manner, direct your thoughts to the energy you wish to understand. Apply as much detail to your visualization as you can; notice clothing, shoes, adornments, hair, eye color, facial expression, body type. Are they carrying anything? Does an animal, plant or other entity accompany them? Listen, do you hear anything? (When you perceive information by hearing it in your mind it is called Clairaudience “clear hearing”) Now, relax a bit and allow some of the finer points to come into your mind, you may be surprised at what you can see.

Immediately after a visualization session, note every facet, detail, feeling. Inevitably you will forget later. What doesn’t make sense now, may in the future or what you had written off as unimportant may prove to be the opposite. Undertake these endeavors at communication and magic with sincerity and respect, in a safe environment and with pure intent.

Visualization Exercises.

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