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Reading is a complex process of decoding symbols for the purpose of deriving meaning and/or constructing meaning. A means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas; readers use a variety of reading strategies to assist with translating symbols into sounds or visual representations of language, and comprehension. Running letters together in order to create words, or other types of reading may not be text-based, such as music notation, pictograms, runes and hieroglyphs.

Reading text is now an important way for the general population in many societies to access information and make meaning, and is ninety percent of the reason why a recommended reading list should be supplied by any educational venue.

Learning is one of most important mental function of humans, animals and artificial cognitive systems. It relies on the acquisition of different types of knowledge supported by perceived information. It leads to the development of new capacities, skills, values, understanding, and preferences. Its goal is the increasing of individual and group experience. Reading is a cognitive process that allows us improve ourselves, and expand our horizons through intellectual persuits.

The following list of books, articles and pamphlets have helped the Silver Moon Crow Coven grow as a group and as individuals.

Book Recommended For
This is a great text, if you're at all interested in studying the origins of many Celtic Gods. Full of well translated Welsh Myths, Bardic Tails, and Heroic Adventures; an awesome read even if you're not looking at it from a religious point of view, a great gift for family members if you want to help them relate to your beliefs.
While not filled with Dogma, A Witches Bible gives a good foundation to the Religion and Practices of modern Witches, explaining much of our relationship with nature and eachother as a community. Required reading for members of the Silver Moon Crow Coven, we would like to see more of our peers educated on its contents, and less focussed on how our religion has been miss-represented or maligned by other faiths.
A wonderful study guide with information on a myriad of topics that every Witch should be familiar with. The reflecting questions and the quiz questions at the end of each chapter-- have helped the Silver Moon Crow Coven focus the information, and helps with retention. While dry and infused with almost too much information, it is well worth the effort it takes to finish reading it. Required Reading for Silver Moon Crow Coven Dedicants Prior to Initiation.
This book is well worth the time and effort. Our male divinites are a vital part of our beings and the Farrars have done a commendable job with this one. I say that this volume is a necessary part of any witches study.
This book has the history of well know Goddesses and an encyclopedia of many Goddesses even those not well known in Western culture. It also goes into some Ritual aspects with the Goddesses listed. A Great Read.
While terribly basic, this is perhaps one of the best beginner books we could think to mention. A first addition to all of our libraries the Silver Moon Crow Coven feels that even later into your studdies this book is great to have, if just so you can loan it to friends.
A favorite for providing the reader with an excellent groundwork for an introduction to wicca, providing invocations, rituals and meditations. But what I found most useful were her numerous mental exercises designed to develop awareness, improve visualization and meditaiton techniques.
Showing us how to create our own inceses, oils, and brews, he also explains how to make tinctures, powders, bath salts, soaps, sachets, and inks. There are tons of different recipes available, especially for incenses, for all sorts of magickal purposes. With a substitution index that is Invaluable!
Not Recomended as a Medicinal Guide, The herbs are organized alphabetically, and black and white drawings of the plant or flower are to the side of each entry, which typically includes the scientific (Latin) name, health codes (such as G for safe, and a guide is included in the book for all of the codes), any folk names, its attributed gender, planet, element, and deities, followed by brief (or sometimes long) descriptions of ritual and magical uses. A great reference.
A group requires a unique combination of individual skills combined with good leadership in order to function, as it is the individual that makes the group, you develope a variety of mind sets, the group cognitive process and then the process that makes each individual a valued asset.

Effective leaders 'desire to be' and have the 'willpower to make it so'. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Effective leaders inspire others to higher levels of personal performance and teamwork.

As Individuals we often lack the drive, where there is great interest. One of the miracles of our religion is that it gives us all the contant drive to improve ourselves, listed below are indivual pages on the things we have studdied and recommended books that make our Group whole.

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