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Magickal Protection can take many forms: purely mental/auric, ritualistic, physical or any combinations of these. As a topic it usually takes years to master and cannot in its entirity be placed on one page. Magickal Protection is still essential for anyone who aspires to practice the Craft or subjects relating to the Craft. Each form of protection has advantages and disadvantages along with different time requirements. The forms mentioned herein are only a few possibilities that you have to choose from. The Protections are exactly what the words imply - using magick to protect yourself and your surroundings. You will be using your will to create an "etheric" shield around an area or individual (you).

A Witch, or any practioner of magick, has the potential to attract negative influences which will try to stop your work or progress. Also, a Witch, or practioner of magick, has the potential to have negative energy directed at her/him by more unscrupulous entities. Even those who aren't active in their local communities may notice this. Magickal protection is very much the same as putting burglar bars on your windows and doors, security and surveillance systems around your home; and you'll find I compare the two quite frequently. Your magickal defenses will warn you of approaching danger, allow you to identify it and will keep the danger out... Even send it back where it came from.

There are some things you should train yourself to be aware of, things you can try to abate without Magick. Other things you will need every bell, book and candle in your collection. At the top of that list is Negative Emotions or Energy attract a certain form of creature which feeds off the negative energy and tries to promote the conditions or feelings which create it. It is imperative that you know how to shield yourself from the affects of such influences. As you advance in your study there have been examples where your astral form will begin to "glow" more brightly and thus the potential for attracting attention increases. This is not to say that anyone will definitely attract unwanted attention but the possibility does exist.

And for final words before we get down to business; whatever you do will return three fold, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These are statements of truth. For the most part, meeting and being friendly is the best choice but unfortunately it does not always result in a friendly response. As with meeting people on the physical level your options for encounters are the same on the Magickal levels.

Your Defenses will always be unique to you, and as always most of what you read here is strictly an introduction to a more complex topic. We of The Silver Moon Crow Coven would like to emphasize that there is a little more to protection than just willing it to be, you have to believe and trust in it.

There are physical and non-physical ways of laying in your protections, most are a combination of the above. All are a mix of Meditation, Ritual, and at its most basic Magick.The very foundation of any defense is in your own aura, you can use a web or net of light to distinguish the aura or energy of a location, and at some level the course and flow of ley lines becomes important: but not now.

When working with a Magick Defense every step we give you will always refer to cleansing first, because a wall doesn't do you any good if the enemy has already walked in the front door.

Something that can never be over rated at home is smudging; with each full moon you should summon up that banishing energy and smudge your home. However, for your person, your self, your mental and physical form the first technique you should learn is called “The Energy Egg” basic and about as easy as any method I can think of when it comes to personal shields.

I recommend using a full length mirror to aid visualization.Stand facing the mirror with your feet shoulder’s width apart, arms comfortably resting at your sides.

Ground and Center!

Then focus on your own aura, even if you can’t see it, focus on it, visualize it resting against your skin and moving out in layers like an Egg. Clear your mind and feel your weariness, your illness, disease, aches and pains feel them all pushed out into the Egg until they are in that hazy place at the edge. Then will them to be gone, see them cook, crackle, sizzle and evaporate with a smell like orange blossoms or pine filling your senses. (This is Auretic Cleansing).

Then shift your visualization, see that hazy edge solidify and shine in a pale gold or icy blue, whatever color best represents you in the world of magick. It is three dimensional, tangible and unbreakable.

The entire process cleanses your Aura and sets your personal Shield, you may need to practice it at length before it becomes truly effective. And always make certain your Shield is in place before practicing Magick.

Magickal Protection of an Physical Area such as your Home or Temple is what is referred to as a Ward. Instead of using your energy though, you let the natural forces of the world around you flow upward to power it. If you were to use your own you would be in a constant state of exhaustion. With practice, you can create a stable, Earth-powered shield. This leaves more energy for spell work, or allows you to drop your own shields and recharge.

Reinforce the visualization regularly, and it can be permanent, to protect your Temple or Home. I tend to anchor wards with physical objects-a stone, carved runes, The Witches Bottle, A Witches Ladder, etc. But it is the visualization that really matters. If the mental image fails, the shield will fail.

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