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Cord and knot magick have been used for ages. Druids used to tie cords around their waists in various colors identifying their craft specialty, and the number of knots was indicative of their rank. In Cord magick, the spells are simply prepared ahead of time, and then used as needed. Each knot is then untied releasing the power entrapped in the cord over nine consecutive days. These work great when you need a bit of quick magick.

Find a piece of colored cord that is nine feet long and prepare it in advance. Consecrate the cord, saying this as you do so: Here do I present to the Lord and Lady, my cord for your blessing. That I may ever use it in your service. (You can later use the cord as a tie for your ritual robe, if you wish. If infused with a spell, you can keep it on your person, but this is not mandatory.)

Now your cord must be programmed for a specific purpose such as healing or as a magickal storage system for use in any number of things in the future. First, hold your cord tightly, and drive your energy force into it, saying what it is you desire. While repeating the words over and over, visualize energy from the cosmos going in through your left hand and down through your torso, becoming larger stronger, then flowing along your right arm and down into your right hand and going into the cord and then flowing all along it, electrifying it.

Focus on it carefully and fill your cord with your own magickal presence. If you want the cord to be versatile, "Power" is a good thing to voice, while holding your cord. And then when you feel the time is right, tie your first knot on one end of the cord. Whispering into each knot as its tied what your intent for that knot is.

Remember to alternate your knots from one end to the other, moving towards the center. The center knot will be your last one.

Knots may be tied with magical intent. Several people may tie their cords together, to combine magical effort. The knotted cord may be burned to release the magic, or it may be kept like any other talisman, or it may be used as a meditation device, fingering the knots like the beads of a rosary. The later untying of knots may also be part of the spell.

Some Witches keep one magical cord, and use it over and over; others use a new cord for each spell. The traditional Witches Ladder is a nine-foot cord with forty knots; however, if this proves unwieldy, use whatever length works for you. Depending upon the application, anything from thread to finger-thick cord may be suitable.

One powerful group technique is the weaving of a web. A ball of yarn is tossed back and forth across the circle, unwinding as it goes, while participants sing some appropriate web-weaving chant and/or shout out words or phrases appropriate to the goal. Knots may be tied in the web, or small objects fastened into it. The group can raise more energy by dancing the finished web around in a circle, raising it up and down (perhaps with the person who is the target of the magical working lying on top of it... Whee! what a ride!), firing a cone of power into it, or whatever. This can be a wonderful group bonding exercise, too.

It needs at least seven people; if you've got more than twenty you might want more than one ball of yarn going at once. Start with a solidly wound sphere of yarn; soft machine-wound yarn balls have lousy aerodynamic properties.

The Witches Ladder

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