The practice of magick begins with a disciplined mind. The human mind tends to flit from topic to topic, moving quickly, allowing in distractions and receiving sensory stimulation from the five physical senses. All of this decreases the efficiency of magick. Working effective magick requires that the mind be able to conceptualize a Need as more than just a passing thought but as a concentrated, fully formed visualization that can be empowered with raised energy in order for it to manifest on the physical plane.

The image of our need is created using imagination and visualization and it is made solid by Will. As we concentrate and focus on the image, it becomes denser and more real. The correspondences that we determine and the stones, gestures, colors, symbols, etc that we gather and employ in magical workings all posses energies of their own that, when channeled toward the image created by the practitioner, will help to manifest the Need in the physical world. Without determined, focused Will, the energy that is inherent in these objects is undirected, the mental image begins to fade, and the magic worked is unsuccessful.

How can the abilities of the mind be cultivated in order to work successful magic?

Meditation and visualization are two ways to enhance the inherent abilities the mind, but there are mundane ways to begin the process. Keeping your word, turning off all distractions while reading or studying, never leaving a task unfinished, focusing on a piece of music, and listening to each and every word a person speaks may all seem like boring, simple tasks that can be done without difficulty, but that is rarely the case. If the mind can not remain focused on one thing at a time in the mundane world, how can it be expected to do so in the magical realms?

Take one week and attempt at least one of these mundane tasks every day. You may find that at first you can only concentrate for a minute or two before the mind begins to wander, bring it back, focus. After a few days you will begin to notice that you are actually hearing what people are saying and/or you are completing goals and unfinished projects. This is the beginning of disciplining the mind.

After you are able to concentrate fully in the physical world, you will find it much easier to remain focused during meditation and visualizations will be more detailed and concrete.

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