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Herbs are a valuable source of natural nutrition and contain varying amounts of vitamins and minerals. When used properly, they may have specific healing effects; and when used in Ritual can guide the hand of your Magick. Even though we know that every plant was put on the earth for a reason, it does not always mean that it was meant for our bodies to ingest, take daily or rub on our skin, like Poison Ivy or Poison Oak. This is exactly why herbs must be researched carefully, studied before you choose to use them always consult your doctor.

Herbs V to Y

G/P/E: Feminine, Mercury or Venus, Water.
Magical attributes:Love, calming, sleep, purification or relaxing baths.

Uses: Use the dried, powdered root. Promotes relaxation while counteracting the effects of insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, pre menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramping. For sleep, before bed take 1 teaspoon of herb to 1 pint of water and simmer. Also acts as a good substitute for catnip. Use the fresh herb in spells of love, also to get fighting couples together. Used in the Purification bath sachet.

G/P/E: Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Magical attributes: The bean is used in a love charms, the oil is worn as an aphrodisiac. Uses: A Culinary Herb.

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Ritual cleansing or sacred space, magical cleansing baths, purification incenses. Hang over the bed to prevent nightmares. Love and protection charms, Vervain is also an excellent for use in prosperity charms and spells as it brings good luck and inspiration.

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Mix with lavender for a powerful love charm. A Violet and Lavender compress will aid in eliminating headaches. The flowers are carried as a good-luck charm. The scent will soothe, clear the mind and relax the wearer.

G/P/E:Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Magical attributes: Carry the nut as a charm to promote fertility and strengthen the heart.

Uses: A Culinary Herb.

G/P/E: Feminine, Moon, Water.
Magical attributes: Willow wands can be used for healing. The Willow will bring the blessings of the Moon upon those who plant it or have it on their property. Willows can be used to bind together witch's brooms and a forked willow branch is widely used in water witching and dowsing.

G/P/E:Masculine, Saturn or Sun, Fire.
Magical attributes: Protection, chastity, healing the heart. Uses: In tincture form it is good as a mouth rinse and to ease hemorrhoids. As a compress, witch hazel can be applied to insect bites and other skin irritations.

G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Air.
Magical attributes: Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. Used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses, initiation rites and tests of courage. Enables the dead to be released from this plane so they my find peace.

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Courage, love, marriage charms, dispelling negativity, psychic abilities, divination.

Uses: A very potent healer, it intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it. Helps eliminate toxins (good for colds). Most useful in its abilities to staunch blood flow. In poultice form , it is useful against infections and swelling. In magic there is evidence that yarrow was often used as a component in incantations. The tea drunk prior to divination will enhance one's powers of perception (a touch of peppermint brightens this brew up and always works better). Also drink the tea to stop arthritis symptoms such as swelling and inflammation associated with weather divination and generally end all aching, sore muscles, or stiff joints or back pain. A powerful incense additive for divination and love spells.