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The Creation Moon. In astronomical terminology, the New Moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon, in its monthly orbit around Earth, lies between Earth and the Sun, and is therefore in conjunction with the Sun as seen from Earth. At this time, the illuminated half of the Moon faces directly toward the Sun, and the dark or unilluminated portion of the Moon faces directly toward Earth, so that the Moon is invisible as seen from Earth. The New Moon is the beginning of the month in lunar calendars.

Once you are aware of the New Moon, including Dark Moon Rites in your spiritual schedule becomes a question. Many beleive that the New Moon should be taken as a time of rest, and magickal workings avoided. However among the Silver Moon Crow Coven we appreciate the Moon in all her phases, and the Dark Moon has as many uses as the Full.

When planning your magical workings you need as much time for positive working as you do the negative. The new moon is a useful period for growth, for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also love and romance, health or job hunting.

Don't be afraid of the Dark, embrace it, as you embrace the light. You don't need to banish everything, sometimes instead of getting rid of something you need to draw more into your life. The Goddess loves her Children allow her to help provide for you.

For the purpose of personal use (By no means recognized by the masses) Echo has named each New Moon as the Full Moons are named and is offering them for use.

  1. Birch (January) - In this Moon, decisions are made as to what spiritual seeds you will plant this year.

  2. Rowan (February) - This Moon, is a powerful time to give voice to the Elements.

  3. Ash (March) - This Moon is excellent for making Talismans.

  4. Alder (April) - A Moon of Purification

  5. Willow (May) - This Moon is used to fortify your home and self.

  6. Hawthorn (June) - A Moon of Dedication.

  7. Oak (July) - A Sacrificial Moon.

  8. Holly (August) - A Warrior Moon to promote inner strength.

  9. Hazel (September) - A moon for Meditation.

  10. Vine (October) - A moon to seek Inspiration.

  11. Ivy (November) - A Moon of Healing.

  12. Reed (December) - A moon for Spiritual or Astral working.

  13. Elder or Sidhe Moon - The Same as a Blue Moon, the Sidhe Moon is the Second New Moon in a Month. Many will not hold ritual on this night because of its associatio with Death. However, this is also the strongest night for Faery workings.