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A lunar calendar is a calendar that is based on cycles of the moon phase. A feature of a purely lunar year, is that the calendar ceases to be linked to the seasons, and drifts each year by 11 or 12 days, and comes back to the position it had in relation to the solar year every 33 or 34 years. It is used predominantly for religious purposes.

Since there are about twelve lunations (synodic months) in a solar year, this period (354.37 days) is sometimes referred to as a lunar year. The length of a month orbit/cycle is difficult to predict and varies from its average value. Because observations are subject to uncertainty and weather conditions, and astronomical methods are highly complex, there have been attempts to create fixed mathmatic rules.

Many of us are told that the length of a Lunar Cycle is 28 days, in truth the average length of the Lunar cycle is 29.5 days. This means the length of a month is alternately 29 and 30 days (termed respectively hollow and full). The distribution of hollow and full months can be determined using fractions, and examining successive approximations for the length of the month in terms of fractions of a day but for our purposes that is slightly more precise than needed.

In learning to read a Lunar calendar an easy trick is to note that when the Moon is full it is opposite the Sun and therefore in the opposite sign of the Zodiac, and when dark it is conjunct the Sun and therefore in the same sign. It moves through all the signs in one month, making different aspects to the Sun and to our own birth charts as it goes, giving us the opportunity to experience the full range or our being each and every month.

The Moons cycle affects us deeply; our inner feelings ebb and flow along with the tides she pulls. At night colours bleed out, edges soften, dreams can be dreamt and the day’s activities reflected upon. Under the ever changing light of the moon we focus inwards and gain the understanding our feelings and inner world have to offer. It is hard to measure, define and express this place of nebulous, subjective lunar wisdom and it has not been held in high regard by our culture.

A balance of inner and outer, rational and emotive, objective and subjective is essential to human health. Without the inner wisdom of the Moon we may become unable to connect with life on earth and our lives, however successful on the outside, become devoid of meaning. The Moon connects us all together, she is waxing and waning in the same way from wherever on the planet you view her, she pulls the tides of our oceans which connect us and the inner tides of our emotional waters. Our sense of ourselves is complete when both our inner being and our external actions inform us. We in our western, solar culture need to recognise, value and learn to live in Moon Time to work in better harmony with Planet Earth.

In General reference to all of your Moon Rites the coresponding Zodiac sign the moon is in may influence your results so we have listed below a reference chart. (Note this chart May be relocated to our "Writing an Esbat" section in time.) Our Synodic Calendar can be viewed here.

  1. Moon in Aries - Spells involving authority, willpower and rebirth.

  2. Moon in Taurus - Spells involving love, real estate, and money.

  3. Moon in Gemini - Spells involving communication, public relations and travel.

  4. Moon in Cancer - Spells involving domestic life and honoring lunar deities.

  5. Moon in Leo - Spells involving power over others, courage, child birth.
  6. Moon in Virgo - Spells involving employment matters, health and intellectual matters.

  7. Moon in Libra - Spells involving court cases, partnerships and artistic matters.
  8. Moon in Scorpio - Spells involving secrets, power and psychic growth.
  9. Moon in Sagittarius - Spells involving publications, sports and the truth.
  10. Moon in Capricorn - Spells involving career, political matters and ambition.

  11. Moon in Aquarius - Spells involving science, freedom, personal expression, problem solving and friendship.

  12. Moon in Pisces - Spells involving music, telepathy and clairvoyance.
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Moon in Aries
Moon in Taurus
Moon in Gemini
Moon in Cancer
Moon in Leo
Moon in Virgo
Moon in Libra
Moon in Sagittarius
Moon in Capricorn
Moon in Aquarius
Moon in Pisces