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Since ancient times people have been drawn to fire, not only for practical purposes but as a source of reverence, energy and comfort. The element of Fire is purifying, uplifting and has a strong protective power. A masculine element, fire is both a creator and a destroyer. By calling forth and drawing on the positive aspects of fire we can bring its energy into our magickal work and daily lives. The positive aspects of fire include creativity, passion, confidence, courage, transformation and purification while the negative aspects include jealousy, anger, fanaticism and control. However, these negative or “shadow” selves are not so much things to fear but rather they are possible aspects of our selves that we should be aware of and also be learn from.

Usually represented by something burning, a lump of coal or candle, in alchemy it is represented by an upward pointed triangle. In Alchemy the triangle represents the horizon, if you connect four triangles side to side you get a square, or a box split in to quarters. As the four classical elements were divided. And as with many things of Celtic lore each side of the triangle completes the theoretic Triune or Triad.

The Triangle you will notice is solid, representing land, or the Earth against the sky. The point facing up indicates the astral, otherworld or heaven. The open end facing down represents eternity. Upon closer inspection the triangle is phallic in appearence, showing the marriage of heaven and earth, reaching like fire naturally does to the sky. A source of masculine power.

Fire is the Element of change, will and passion. In a sense it contains within it all forms of magick, since magick is a process of change. Fire magick can be frightening. The results manifest quickly and spectacularly. It is not an Element for the faint-hearted. However, it is most primal and for this reason is much used.This is the realm of sexuality and passion. It is not only the "Sacred Fire" of sex, it is also the spark of divinity which shines within us and in all living things. It is at once the most physical and spiritual of the Elements. Its magickal rituals usually involve energy, authority, sex, healing, destruction (of negative habits, disease), purification, evolution, and so on.

A ritual of Fire usually involves the fuming, burning or smoldering of an image, herb, or other flammable object, or the use of candles or small blazes. For ritual work, aside from the use of fire whether with candles, fire pit or cauldron, there are other ways to call forth its energy. The following is a list of herbs, plants, gemstones, colors, etc., which are associated with the element of Fire. Its magick is usually practiced near the hearth, or beside fires lit in wilderness clearings, or beside the flame of a single candle. Fire is masculine. It rules the South, the place of greatest heat, the color red, and the season of summer.

If you think about it there are a myriad of ways in which you can connect with the uplifting and comforting energy of Fire. Being outside on a sunny day and taking in the warm, rejuvenating rays of the sun is one of the simplest, purest ways to connect with this element. Sitting around a crackling bonfire or in front of a hearth fire, especially when doing so with family or friends is another way in which to connect with Fire’s vibrant and comforting energy.

Other ways in which to connect with Fire’s energy is by dressing in fiery colors, keeping stones that are representative of Fire in your home or office, using aromatic oils or incense that are associated with Fire and keeping plants such as Cacti or any others that represent Fire in your garden or inside your home. By using your intuition and imagination there are many ways in which you can bring the energy of Fire into your life.

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