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Lithomancy is the practice of performing divination by reading stones. In some cultures, the casting of stones was believed to be fairly common - a bit like checking one's daily horoscope in the morning paper. However, because our ancient ancestors didnít leave us a lot of information about how to read the stones, many of the specific aspects of the practice have been lost forever. It is generally believed by scholars that early forms of lithomancy included stones which were polished and inscribed with symbols -- perhaps these were the precursors to the rune stones we see in some of the Scandinavian religions.

In modern forms of lithomancy, stones are typically assigned symbols connected to the planets, as well as to aspects of personal events, such as luck, love, happiness, etc. Today as Pagan Recreationists those symbols, meanings and interpretations are included in Crystal Magick. Reading about what a Crystal is used for is great, but using them successfully is better. As it is a simple practice we'll keep this breif. Unlike Herbal Magick or other natural theories when you work with Crystals you don't need very much outside of the stone and yourself. But that does not eliminate all else, there are still things you should have. By creating a set of stones with symbols that are significant to you, you can make your own magickal and divinatory tool to use for spells, guidance and inspiration.

Color: Crystals have different uses based on the Color of the stone. Because it is the easiest to memorize this is the First tool you should use before you expand your realm into astrological influence and lore.

Black is protection.
Blue is calming.
Brown is the Earth.
Green is balance.
Gray is serenity.
Orange is change or zest.
Pink is universal love or self-love.
Purple is understanding and tolerance.
Red is energy.
Yellow is inner wisdom.
White is all colors

You should include a variety of color in your collection.

Casting Matt: Not all stones are created equal and Mohs scale can work against you in Crystal casting. Idealy Brocade or Leather, this should be a thick soft material that can obsorb the shock when your gems drop, it will help keep them from fracturing. It should be about two feet square.

Pouch: You need a safe place to store your crystals where the color won't fade from too much light.

Coarse Woven Silk: Used to wipe down stones after a reading, silk has an ability to nuetralize some magick.

Mugwort: Herb Used to cleanse crystals.