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Crystals play roles in many spells and rituals, and witches value them for their versatility. Generally speaking, larger crystals are more powerful as well as more rare and expensive than smaller ones, but that's not always the case. When choosing crystals, allow yourself to be drawn by the stones instead of simply picking them for their size or beauty. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them speak to you. Because crystals amplify the energies of other stones, witches often use them in talismans and amulets where they increase the power of the charm. When placed on an altar in the company of other stones, or when combined with other gems on a magick tool, crystals unify and strengthen the various stones' vibrations.

G/P/E: Female/Venus/Earth
Magical attributes: Power, Protection, Love, Peace, Business Success and Healing.
Uses: Called a magic stone, favorable for travelers, missionaries, and other adventurers. Used as a child's talisman to sleep soundly & protect from bad dreams. Stimulates clear vision and insight, represents hope and inner peace, believed to protect from danger. Increases abundance in all areas of life. This stone supposedly has equal amounts of negative and positive forces, thereby adding to the balance of physical and spiritual life. Used to release repressed emotions and for physical detoxing.

G/P/E: Female/Moon/Water
Magical attributes: Love, Divination, Sleep, Gardening and Protection.
Uses: Aid in bringing forth memories of past lives, carried as a good luck piece. Brings good fortune. Reflects the wearers being and feelings. Promotes unselfishness. Opens the heart to humanitarian love and hope. Good for protection while traveling on water. Gives clarity to spiritual understanding. Good for pre-menstrual symptoms and balancing to the reproductive system. Used to ease childbirth. Sometimes called the Queen of the Heavens stone. Calming effect on emotions. Eases menstrual pain, alleviates many degenerative conditions in the skin, hair, eyes, and body fluids (tears, digestive juices).

G/P/E: Male/Saturn/Fire & Earth
Magical attributes: Protection, grounding, divination, peace, confidence, strength and productivity.
Uses: Black- Used to sharpen both the internal and external.

G/P/E: Male/Saturn & Mars/Fire
Magical attributes: Defense Magick
Uses: Preserves against the bites of snakes and venomous insects, and assists in bringing marital happiness. When certain persons wear it, may bring on terrible shapes to a dreamer, from which the future can be divined. Will ground spiritual energy to physical plane.

G/P/E: Male&Female/All/All
Magical attributes: Astral Projection and Psychic Work
Uses: An unlucky stone which can interfere with love and marriage unless one was born between September 23rd and November 21. To these people it will give second sight, or clairvoyance, and prevent contagion from the air.

G/P/E: Female/Moon & Neptune/Water
Magical attributes: Illusions and Sadness
Uses: Worn as a necklace, make the wearer chaste. Stimulates feminine qualities, used to focus attention, helps pull together mental and spiritual forces, peace of mind. Represents purity, modesty, & gentleness. A very lucky stone for those born in June.

G/P/E: Female/Venus & Sun/Earth
Magical attributes: Health, Wealth and Sleep.
Uses: Dispels fears, guilt, and depression. Used to counteract negative emotions and healing of the spirit. Once worn as a means of gaining foresight and divine inspiration. Protection, prosperity, emotional calming, purifies, balances.

G/P/E: Male/Sun/Earth
Magical attributes: Money Drawing
Uses: Enhances mental capacity and attracts money to owner. Has protecting, shielding aspect for physical, mental, emotional levels. Shields from negative energy, strengthens circulatory system, clears oxygen in the blood.

G/P/E: Female & Male/Moon & Sun/Fire, Water & Air
Magical attributes: Protection, Healing and Magick.
Uses: Amplifies healing energy. Used to help draw out pain. Able to tap into energies of the universe. Good stone for meditating on. Very potent and often worn to protect from negative vibrations. Cleanse regularly. Rudilated-rutile needles help focus attention.

G/P/E: Male/Mars/Fire & Air
Magical attributes: Energy, Peace and Love.
Uses: Adds courage, will, passion to the loving heart vibration. Represents love of God.

G/P/E: Female/Venus/Water
Magical attributes: Used to activate love. Attracts or keeps a loving partner.
Uses: Worn or carried for love, fidelity, peace, and happy marriage. Aids intuition and emotional balance. Reduces stress and tension - cools hot tempers. Vibrations of universal love & inner serenity. Comforts heart from all wounds, helps heal emotional pain, enhances love , self-love, positive outlook, joy and oneness.

G/P/E: Male/Mars/Fire
Magical attributes: Power and Joy
Uses: The stone of freedom, charity, dignity and divine power. Increases vigor, renews vitality and cleanses the blood. The stone of courage. Helps banish grief for those in mourning.

G/P/E: Male/Pluto/Earth
Magical attributes: Relieves Stress, Strength and Energy.
Uses: Good for calming the mind. Eases depression, fear and panic.

G/P/E: Female/Venus/Water
Magical attributes: Healing, Meditation and Wisdom.
Uses: Alleviates fears, Clears the mind. --Blue with white striations.

G/P/E: Male/Sun/Fire
Magical attributes: Money, Courage and Protection.
Uses: Calms emotions, protects against external stresses. To restore physical energy & quiet emotional nature.

G/P/E: Male/Saturn/Fire
Magical attributes: Protection and Weightloss.
Uses: Will make melancholy vanish when worn or carried in the left hand. Calms emotions, protects against external stresses. To restore physical energy & quiet emotional nature. Protects against insomnia and depression, mood elevator, revitalizes, stimulates creative thinking processes, eases death.

G/P/E: Female/Saturn/Earth
Magical attributes: Grounding and Protective
Uses: Supercharged with magnetic and electric energy. Lifts fears and negative conditions. Causes the wearer to be flexible, understanding and more objective in purpose and reason. Electric and magnetic properties. Works as protective shield, consumes negative energy without releasing into atmosphere, has to do with visions and "seeing" with compassion,, teaches to expand limited concepts of thinking, relates to aspirations for higher love, very complete stone.

G/P/E: Female/Mercury/Earth
Magical attributes: Protection, Money and Friendship.
Uses: Helps ward off danger and clears one's path of pitfalls. Protector against evil. Self-love stone. Primary holy stone of Native Americans. Vibrates calming radiations, protective, and restores healthy mental attitude. Stone of friendship. Balancing and healing. Great strength and vitality. Takes on characteristics of the wearer. It is unwise to wear a turquoise formerly worn by one who has died. excellent for both Spiritual attunement and healing of the energy centers and the physical body, valuable for grounding as well as for vision quests and astral travel , purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity, also used for wounds and for damage to bones.