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When we think of a memorial, many of us immediately connect the word with an ending, loss, death or pain. It is also a ceremony or monument to commemorate a person or event; the word memorial comes from memory. In this case, memories that are shared, dear memories of people, places and events. As a group the Silver Moon Crow Coven has shared more than two decades of gatherings, laughter, tears of joy and tears of loss. We have grown in number, we have shrunk. We have been spread across the country and we have changed. Loss is the most profound change, but it is as all crossroads are, a Beginning.

An important part of the process of dealing with any big change, more so the death of a loved one is honoring memories in a special way. Doing so can help bring closure to close friends and family members and can highlight aspects of a person's life that others might not have known about.

As a group we have overseen as well as participated in public rituals throughout Salt Lake City and Tooele Utah, but most memorable of our gatherings were at our Nemeton, where we would gather at a site we called "Tuckers" about an hour up the mountain from the Tucker Rest Area near Spanish Fork. Or at Clover Springs camp grounds in Tooele County just on the opposite side of the mountain from Dugway Proving Grounds. These places as well as the people we would gather with will forever be an immortal part of our memories.

Though nothing is as strong in our memory as those whom we may no longer stand in Circle with. Some have moved on in their path, others however have begun an entirely new aspect in their spiritual Journey, individuals that we may only commune with when the veil is thin.

GreyHawk - A founding member of the Silver Moon Crow Coven, remembered lovingly for his many strengths. Both as a man and as a priest of the old ways. We know that his guardian force will always be with us, even though his physical form is gone.