Spiritual matters or those involving humankind's ultimate nature, not merely as material biological organisms, but as beings with a unique relationship to that which is beyond both time and the material world. Spirituality is the personal, subjective dimension of religion. It also can be connotative of the nature of believers' personal relationship or "connection" with their gods, as opposed to the general relationship with a Deity as shared by all members of a given faith.

To experience a spiritual calling is truly rare, and among practitioners of the craft rarely recognized, however, it is usually the Calling that brings us to discover Witchcraft, or as many phrase it, we all experience the Charge of the Goddess at some point. Some are young, some are older, for some it is their first and only path, for others they have to search down many dead ends to find the right way. However, at some point we all find ourselves at a spiritual crossroads, we all find a point when we have to make a choice.

I have read that the Charge comes to each of us in a different manner. It is that moment in our lives when we feel the Magick of the Universe coursing through us for the very first time, and we know beyond all real and imagined shadows that this calling to the mysteries is indeed there. It is not a whimsical flight from reality.

I first felt the charge when I was about nine years old, I reached a crossroad and have never looked back.

There is no epic tomb from whence the wisdom of the ages will spill, merely what each of us may learn in our travels through life. I have learned that our greatest teacher, the one we spend years and hours trying to find; is ourselves. There is no one true answer, however each path we walk in life leads us a little closer to the truth that can only be found within ourselves. At one time or another we all go searching for a teacher, someone who will share their wisdom with us, unfortunately even the best sages will merely guide you in the right direction so that you can learn on your own.

I am Echo. The sound that reflects from every direction. Since I was very young, I have always had a special connection with the world of Faery.

For me, finding a path came as naturally as breathing. My path is with the trees, rocks, lakes and Faeries. All my life I have known the direction I wanted to fallow, imagine my surprise when I have a discussion of spirituality with my contemporaries only to find that this feeling isnít shared by everyone. My mother always took great pleasure in my ability to see auras, reading Edgar Cayce's writings with me when I was only eleven years old. My Father was thrilled to encourage my interest in herbal medicine. Nature is my path, whether that makes me a Shaman or a Witch I really donít care.

I wish I could tell you how I came upon this path, but the truth is, the path found me. From the time I was a small child I have been in touch with nature: my best friend was the spirit of the old apple tree in our back yard, my favorite place was sitting between my Dadís bee-hives where I could smell every plant and feel the pulse of life, my favorite game involved eating maple leaves and wild mint with rose petals and blackberries.

Half of my soul has always been Fae.

Echo's Online Book of Shadows.