When one wants to research the subtle world, one cannot use conventional measurement and analysis tools. Just as we cannot use a measuring tape to measure one’s intellect, so also we cannot use physical, psychological or intellectual methods to understand or explore the spiritual realm. This is because of the simple reason that by definition the spiritual dimension is that, which is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect.

We are familiar with gaining knowledge through the media of the five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue), mind and intellect. This is the paradigm in which we conduct traditional research of modern sciences. However only a small percentage of the spiritual dimension is understood by the medium of the five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue), mind and intellect. The largest majority of knowledge can be perceived only through our subtle sense organs. Our subtle sense is commonly known as our sixth sense. To experience the all-encompassing world of the science of Spirituality, we have to develop our five subtle sense organs, subtle mind and subtle intellect.

Is there really a need to research? Must we argue about the imaterial? Simply, Yes. Without spirituallity why would one want to live? It is the Spirituality within me that gives me the will to continue, I know that there is a devine presence and I feel it within me and all around me. It helps me to enjoy just existing and know that there is good and evil in everyone and a lesson to be learned in anything and everything. Like a Soul, spiritualism becomes your consiousness, like Magick itself, the ability to bring about change. You can make changes based on you, and your needs and not what the world expects from you. In the darkness when you are truly alone, this power within finds you and you know, that you will survive, you will heal and life will go on as it has for centuries.

Your greatest teacher on any path is yourself, no-one knows you better or is more honest in regards to the issues that concern you. Even when I was Morman, Coming into Paganism. I learned it is best to Never Believe anything, until you can come to a realization through thought, prayer, or meditation and study. Until I gained a personal tesimony of what those teachings meant to me, what was true and false, learning to trust myself and not depend on others, was essential. Each path that I have followed in my time has taught different lessons of truth, and all gods are but faces of the devine, all paths have truth and all paths have trials. If you can find the right path for you it may not be the same path as those around you but you will have the confidence of faith, in your own enlightenment.

I am Banshee. The embodiment of myth and horror. I have seen many things and stand to guide others n their way. Coming to my path was a life lesson and a choice, that dates back almost further than I can remember, almost.

I read the book "The Worlds Great Religions" a Time LIfe book from the 1950's. I remember being a pre-teen and enjoying the pictures. Which lead me to a lifetime of curiosity on cultures and spirituality. The knowledge of spirituality as a personal positive experience that is different for anyone. I can say with honesty that in these early works of I found a love for archeaology and ancient religions. Exposure through the writings of those Time Life photojournalists makes it possible for me to state that I have never held religious prejudice. "Why?" was always at the heart of all my future studies from that day forward.

Thirty years after finding spirituality in that Time Life book, shortly after the loss of my youngest son I had a crisis of faith. While mourning I had time to reflect on where I had been and what I had seen, I came to the conclusion that there had to be more than the four walls of a church or temple, my soul needed more the beauracacy of my Religion and how I felt. Seeing people not acting in accordance with their religion caused me spiritual pain and helped me to realize where I placed values on things not as valued by the materialistic world around me. I bought "Celtic Magic" By DJ Conway because I thought I would find a connection to those that came before me, and like a domino affect I read everything I could get my hands on. Because it made sense, filling a spiritual void, I was shocked to find people still worshipped as the ancients did, there weren't an abundance of Rules and punishment. I was accepted and found my true community.

In the end I didn't find my path, I acknowledged the road that had long ago been paived before me.